The track above is two versions of the same song mixed together 

to create one track.

The couple really loved EDM and dance music and wanted that to reflect 

in their first dance.

customised songs

Professionally mixed and edited to create one track which is yours to keep forever.

We have helped many couples with flash mob style dances through to a couple of their favourite slow songs perfectly mixed and edited together.

Some couples really struggle deciding on a first dance that they're both happy with.

Why not have both songs, four, or more!

This is also great for your processional song. Often, just as a song gets past the intro the bride is nearly at the end of the aisle.

We can edit certain parts of a song out and have it put back together seamlessly so you get to hear the bits you want.

This can all be achieved through carefull planning and communication with our staff and proofs sent over well in advance for your approval.

Pricing depends on individual requirements but can be from as little as £50